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Besides delivering five star experiences to tenants and visitors, finch&host also has multiple options for investment opportunities.

Partner with us to discover the various ways in which you can generate new revenue streams for yourself.

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Don’t own an Airbnb property? You canstill invest in a variety of solutions at finch&host and build a reliable income stream. Enjoy higher returns than bank rates and institutional financial products whilst ensuring that your investment is safe. With quarterly financial statements  and an annual pay out structure, investors can review and track their investments
at their own convenience.

Real Estate Agent

With new digital platforms and
services disrupting the real estate industry, finch&host provides a new avenue for real estate agents. Connected to a network of properties across different categories, we give agents the opportunity to partake in the short term leasing Airbnb revenue stream without the hassle of having to manage the property.

Property Developer

From small to large scale properties and short to long term rentals, finch&host allows property developers the flexibility
to pursue different streams of income to maximise occupancy and profit. Leave the management and maintenance of your building to the experts. We ensure your developments are in safe hands while adding value and increasing their desirability on the open market.

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