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A one-stop place
for all your space
management needs.
We manage over 100 properties worldwide, helping owners turn their investment into a profitable source of income.
What We Do

Capitalise on property rental income without having to lift a finger. Finch&host puts in all the effort to get your property ready for hosting through a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate list of services.

Short Term Stay

With multiple opportunities to explore, the turnover of short term arrangements provide a healthy base for alternative income streams.

Long Term Stay
With a network of support services, long
term rental arrangements are easy to
service and monetise.

Home Stay 
With a vibrant short holiday and staycation market, home stays are a good avenue for consistent seasonal rental income.

Engaging Us

With an easy step by step process, finch&host can get properties hosting ready within a short period of time. Whether you are an owner or an investor, we provide a one stop solutions service for hosting management.

Occupancy & Profit


Get the greatest value out of your property without having to worry about the minor details.

Manage and maximise profit at your convenience.

5-Star Experience


Designing luxury experiences for guests, you can achieve higher ratings across platforms to attract a constant stream of repeat guests.

Network Benefits


With a network that targets tourists, foreign students, business travellers and government agencies, there is no shortage of hosting opportunities to monetize your property.

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